2014 in review! Happy New Year!!

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May 2014 Update!!

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May 30, 2014-

Hi everyone! I can’t tell you all how much it means to me to see this blog booming and it helping so many people!! I love it!!

Well as you all know it has been two years and seven months since my lisfranc surgery.  In that time I’ve also had my son! Who will be turning one July 1st.  My life has changed so much in that time!!

My foot is still doing well, I have 11 screws and two metal plates over the 1st and 2nd lisfranc joints. Honestly, I haven’t been back to my doctor in over two years, but I haven’t had any issues thus far sooo….. Don’t get me wrong my life isn’t totally perfect, I still don’t go running or lift crazy heavy things or have no days were my foot aches.  But as my doctor told me, everything is relative.  And for me… the situation improved sooo much. My second toe knuckle, the metatarsal phalangeal joint, is slightly raised. It has been like this since my surgery. My doctor said it is just pressure from the plate pulling it up.  This aches every now and then but is managable. Some new pictures for you guys, you can see the knuckle stick up more in the second picture when I curl my toes forward.

IMAG2200 IMAG2202 IMAG2203 IMAG2204_1 IMAG2205

I have a fairly normal looking foot now huh? My scars are hardly visible now as well, unless I point them out.

During pregnancy, all of your joints spread apart due to pregnancy hormones.  Which is helpful in the hip area but not everywhere else so much. I was a little worried about this because I wasn’t sure how it was going to affect my foot.  At the end of my pregnancy my foot was pretty sore, and of course none of my shoes fit anymore so I had to buy a couple pairs that were bigger.  It really didn’t seem to cause that many issues, if any at all, in the long run. I am FINALLY back to my pre-pregnancy weight which has helped a lot.  That extra weight was probably the hardest thing on my foot. I try to make time for exercise even with a little one (no excuses!). Of course, low-impact exercises are best for us lisfrancers. Walking, ab & arm exercises, I even do squats but cannot do lunges or any running.

Another subject I was wanting to bring up is conscious walking–paying attention to your gait pattern.  I know after sustaining an injury for 4-5 years, like I did, changed mine a lot.  After my surgery I could still feel my leg trying to hold itself how it did when it was injured.  I had to be aware of it and walk with the intention of changing it back to it’s normal state.  It may take awhile. In my case, it is just now starting to feel like it used to. But you can use conscious walking to correct all kinds of gait problems..uneven walking, slouching, etc.  I even visited a float tank place in New Orleans (isolation tanks)  and did a 2 1/2 hour float.  The anti-gravity affect is supposed to help bring the body back to it’s physiological natural state.  It was amazing for pain relief! Just having that time were gravity isn’t pulling your body in any way is so relaxing. Usually pretty pricey or I would love to go more! (about 50 a hour, I got an extra 30 min for free) The more you go the more you will notice changes in your body. (Maybe even your mind too!)

One other thing that I can share is that I’ve really enjoyed walking barefoot now.  Actually, it feels more comfortable to me to be barefoot than to have shoes on, around the house at least.  Anytime we go out anywhere I am still stuck wearing my new balances. I also have a shoe plate and insoles.  The shoe plate keeps your injured foot from flexing so much.  It is actually really comfortable and pretty cheap if you don’t have one already. Being barefoot out in the garden or yard feels so nice. Even though my shoes are comfortable for walking a lot, when I am barefoot, nothing is rubbing the top of my foot or irritating it at all. It just feels great!

We’ve also started our journey building our own off grid home this year! My partner and I have never built anything before but so far it’s been just fine.  Definitely a learning experience for us both. We’re looking forward to getting moved in the fall and starting this new chapter in our lives on our homestead.

Stay persistent, positive, and seeing all that you do have in the present moment! Until next time, my friends!!

Please feel free to share your stories and experiences so we can make this as informative as possible!! ❤

One year & 5 months Post-Op..

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Hi everybody! A couple more months have gone by now. Things have been going really well. As I mentioned in my last post, we found out we are pregnant in October 2012. I am now 23 weeks, & we now know baby is a boy! The pregnancy has been a breeze really. I feel pretty lucky to have not had hardly any morning sickness. The further along you get the pregnancy hormones tell your ligaments to loosen up. Which is very helpful in your pelvic region but not so much in the feet. This is why most women feel like their feet have grown during pregnancy, they are really just spreading out a little. So as a result, my foot has been a little more achy lately. But again, some days are better than others.

I go on walks at least 5 or 6 days a week, as long as the weather is allowing. It has been raining here in Mississippi for sometimes 3-5 days at a time lately! The weather has been great in between though. Sunny, 60 & 70 degree days. (One thing I really like about the south!) I usually walk about a mile, sometimes a little more if I feel extra motivated. Still rocking my New Balances..I’m actually in need of a new pair. I’ll be getting those soon. The occasional soreness I do experience can usually be cured by a good massage and elevating the ole footsy. <– Elevation was critical in the early stage after surgery. It helps so much with the swelling and pain.

In some of my older posts I talk about the physical therapy I did from home after my surgery. It can be rather expensive if your paying for everything out of pocket like I was. They are very simple exercises that can definitely be done at home. This is a link I posted in one of my earlier posts that gives a very detailed list of exercises, it helped me a lot.

Just stick with the doctor’s orders and allow your body the time to do what it does best. Don’t rush yourself to get back on your feet. Stick with the physical therapy and try to maintain a good diet that promotes healthy bones and muscle growth. Talk to me if you have any questions or just need somebody to vent to! Stay positive and focus our the goal you wish to obtain. I wish everyone the best in their recoveries and life this year! Much love my friends.

One Year & 3 Months Post-Op…

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Hi there! Been awhile since my last post, nearly 7 months! Had my one year anniversary since my lisfranc operation November 7, 2011. Things have been going pretty great. I rarely have pain in my foot now. It can become a little sore after walking a lot, but nothing that isn’t manageable. I ended up being in Arkansas when I was supposed to have my last foot appointment with my Doctor. Never rescheduled either and I am back in Mississippi now. Things have been going pretty well so I feel like it would just be unnecessary. I’ve discovered that spending a little extra money on good shoes makes all the difference with the little pain I do experience sometimes. New Balance has been the most comfortable for me. (Super comfortable & they last a long time so it’s worth the extra money!) Look around though, you might find another brand that works better for your foot!
I also found out October 26, 2012 that I was pregnant with my first baby! My partner and I are very excited and are thrilled about our little ones arrival July 1st…this year!!
Thank you for all your questions and comments. I think it’s great people share their stories and experiences. This was a hard subject for me to find positive material on and that is what I wanted to bring with this blog. A piece of hope for others recovering. You can get better! You can walk, hike, ride bikes again! Look back at my older blogs during my recovery for tips on good foods to help rebuild strong bones, physical therapy exercises, and all kinds of other information that could help you through-out your journey!! Love to you all & best of luck in 2013!

32 weeks with my new foot

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What a journey it has been since I’ve last posted! In this past March, Dustin & I left for Ecuador to help my family settle in. We spent two months learning, growing, creating… we had an amazing time. I made a couple good hikes as well. A couple times up Rumi Wilco, a park/reserve along the river in the small but lively town of Vilcabamba, Ecuador. It goes up through a crevasse and we hiked all the way to the ridge top, over looking the whole valley and town. Magical! My foot held up fairly well, not really even bothering me too much. The town was easily walkable, 5 blocks by 8 blocks about.. I had a good amount of exercise just walking to the market each day & going out to visit with people.
Since coming back from Ecuador I felt I was ready to try to work in the restaurant again. I am a server, only working two days a week for now, although this week I am working three because father’s day is on Sunday. After my two doubles each week my foot is fairly sore but nothing a good rub and a hot soak won’t cure. I go back to my doctor in August for my almost one year after appointment. He will decide then if he will release me or have me come back another time. I would just like to get another insole from them and a shank for my shoe, maybe a little more flexible one too, because I’ve broken two of them somehow…they always seem surprised I was able to do that.
I’ve continued to exercise frequently, do yoga, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. I’ve also been taking a  well-formulated Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium since the beginning for good bone health. Lots of leafy greens and a variety of beans are good for your bones while you’re healing and rebuilding. I don’t ever take pain meds anymore, the occasional for a super bad headache or pain but I try to avoid them mostly, in the long run they really deteriorate the joints only making the pains worse. I’ve been enjoying watching the views soar and the comments flood in! Keep them coming, I love hearing your stories and feedback! Mucho amor mi amigos! ❤

About 18 weeks..

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So today I went to the park.. there are a bunch of trails you can walk on through the woods. I probably walked one mile! That is pretty awesome! I have been on a few short walks over the past couple  weeks…it was nice to take a kind of long walk again. Walking now is even better than before the surgery..I’m hardly in any pain anymore. I can’t even express how thankful I am for that.

I’ve really been able to work out again this past month…over my three months non-weight bearing I probably gained close to 20 lbs.. but that is expected I suppose…sitting around getting no form of cardio and just eating lol…but I have nearly got all of that weight off again. I have been doing light weight lifting, yoga, hooping, dancing, and other aerobics. I’m hitting the gym again tomorrow for the first time since September really. I’ve just been working out at home up till now. I’m pretty excited, I’m planning on getting into the best shape of my life this year and so far I’m doing really well. Finally being able to work out without the distraction of pain and worries is nice.

I have been getting my business going from home. Tie-dye products..shirts, socks, dresses, pants…my artwork..other hand-made goods. That has been keeping me busy at home lately. I am getting kind of antsy, I’d like to start working again somehow.. not full-time or anything.. just a couple nights a week or so. I like to still be able to do my hobbies and passions, but work a little just to have something to do really. Feels good to work when it’s a job you really enjoy. Doc said I still have a couple months of rehabilitation to go though..just have to work hard and get my body ready for the time after that.

I’m so happy to have my surgery done and over with. For five years I worried about the state of my foot and how bad  the surgery would be and how it would be afterwards…to finally NOT have that going through my head everyday is like the best thing ever. AND on top of that, it turned out so much better than expected. I feel like my life is finally moving forward. I must say though, and my Doctor mentioned this to me as well, that my easy recovery had a lot to do with me being in such good shape and maintaining a good diet before and after the surgery. I have been a vegetarian for more than two years now..I have more stable, consistent energy than I have ever had or felt. I hardly ever get sick. I maintain a healthy weight easily. And now this, my foot & my body heals fast and easily bounces back into my normal life. Just switching a few meals a week to being meat-free is a great way to start. You’re helping the people of this earth, it’s animals, the environment, and YOURSELF! Nothing is more rewarding to me.

16 weeks into recovery…

•January 26, 2012 • 7 Comments

So finally got some pictures of my X-rays, yayy! I’ve marked them with the dates, half are from my appointment in December and half are from my appointment two days ago on the 24th. If you look closely you can see how the bone looks more organized than the month before. Pretty neat, I thought.

Doctor said everything was still looking great. You can see in my X-rays how my first toe beside the big one is elevated a little and is a little too far towards my other toes.  He said it did look a little better this time though. It doesn’t cause me much trouble/pain but if it did progress to that we could fix it if need be. Other than that, he said the fusion has appeared to have taken, so that’s great news too! I asked him when I could be back to working-dancing-walking more and he said a good goal would be by my 6 month mark–which is when my next appointment with him is..March 27!

I have been wearing just shoes for about three weeks now, no crutches anymore at all. When I first transitioned into a normal shoe, I wore the shoe half of the day and then wore my walking boot the other half of the day. I used my crutches still for awhile while wearing my shoe, to help strengthen my ankle more before I just walked on it without anything. The boot keeps your ankle stiff so it is pretty weak whenever you first stop wearing the boot.

I bought some Shaun White shoes first, which are pretty comfy.. I like all the padding skateboarding shoes have. I bought some New Balance shoes about two weeks ago and man, are they awesome! I have never bought any of these before but I guess I never tried them on cause they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. My foot doesn’t even hurt at all in these!! I definitely recommend buying some more expensive, well made shoes whenever you get to that point. It really makes all the difference.

I have still been doing my PT…  I’ve been doing some working out with hand weights, kick box style kind of. One new thing is I’ve started doing squats and calf raises! Both of these have got my legs into awesome shape, & helped build some of that muscle back I had lost. My legs are still not completely even, my atrophied calf is still almost one inch smaller… I suppose it will just take time. Regaining good muscle control on that leg has been kind of difficult too but has improved with work. I’ve been dancing again too, for about 30 minutes at a time right now. Hoping to get were I can do that and walking, for longer periods of time again by that 6 month mark. That’s the goal.

Just about at the 4 month mark now, things are pretty great. Feeling almost completely normal. It’s so amazing to just live life and not worry about my foot constantly and deal with that pain anymore. It is a huge relief for me. Ask me questions if you have them or just need some support or encouragement, I’d love to hear your story and talk with you! Keep a good diet going, meditate on your healing, and most importantly, stay positive. It will all come in time.